USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme


I’ve been asked to simplify the mortgage crash for the press to more easily understand.

MERS aka The Mortgage Electronic Registration System, deliberately hid the true lender from the consumer by not recording the Deed with the note, called bifurcation.

On every homes trust deed on the bottom of page one will read Fannie Mae Fredde Mac in uniform with MERS. At the top of the page will be a MERS min#. This Min number is an electronic tracking number. The first seven digits reflect the “lender” who acted as a broker to front the real monies from the interim lender reflected in the second series of numbers. Only the promissory note was recorded because MersCorp who is the MERS system was instructed by the banks to withhold the true lender from the consumer. This is why the banks were assigned as certifying officers. The true lender were the investors who were pre sold certificates under the rouse of Mortgage Backed Securities that could never be backed because under the law the Deed and the Note must follow each other. Must be recorded together transferred together before they can be securitized. So what this means is that the signature of the American People were used on elaborate bearer notes to conduct a civil Rico scheme as these Certificates were offered back to them attached to the rigged LIBOR index. (First couple pages of the securitized trust prospectus). This also means the only true party of interest is the person who signed the contract. There is no holder in due course because the banks set it up through their pooling and servicing agreements, that if there were defaults they were insured through the government but not directly payable to the investor because the banks (who never used their own money) illegally retained the asset as the securities were never backed. The banks do not legally own any home used in this scheme.

This is why Countrywide paid Sanctions on predatory loans. They were using loans set up to default so they could front load the system. To them we were cattle. They made trillions of dollars off us. This was premeditated as the trustees assigned to the notes were typically subsidiaries of the banks set up as foreclosure mills across the Nation. CW was recon trust. Bank of America’s subsidiary prior to their merger. This Premeditated the mortgage crash. There are well over 20,000 MERS Certifying officers that are Bank members of MERS.

The banks are trying to make this racketeering system a UCC law by passing the National Foreclosure Act that would legalize MERS as the Uniform beneficiary across the board. Banks are MERS members assigned as certifying officers meaning they could call the notes on every modified loan across the county retroactively. This is why you will see on the FDIC fact sheet on around 50 or so bank seizures Barclays (LIBOR arrests) and Deutsch bank securities (creator of these trusts) acting as advisors to the FDIC pre negotiating insurance payouts in upwards of 90% of the original note.

Once the Government is bankrupt China calls the deficit due. This is the US treasury working with banks like JP Morgan Chase to set up clearing houses through Europe to make the conversion of the US DOLLAR easier. This is Called the multifunction of our nation.

Thus my website where I post my updates,  new book revisions currently in editing.


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