USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

What the Banks don’t want you to know!



What you will see in this document is Racketeering in current history being done right under your noses with documentation and proof. The banks have been doing this by using your loans, offering them out on a Rigged Libor Index without your knowledge or consent to control the pay outs to the investors. The first arrests have already been made, but there is still more that needs to be done. This document is written in Legal, Mortgage and Laymen to convey understanding at all levels.


The Civil complaint will expose a $1,200,000 FDIC insurance fraud and Securities and Exchange scandal in one illegal foreclosure action currently set for Jan 25th The suit also structures for $30 MILLION of my punitive damages being asked to Fund a profit or non-profit entity under the US Department of Justice and requests the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) to act as a receiver if awarded, until this line of defense for the people can be put into place to RESTRUCTURE the Securitized “ASSET” MORTGAGES (RAM) not Modify these loans based in fraud we will continue to have issues. ($2 million per defendant per the amount of the TOTAL INTENDED FRAUD) and for additional damages as the court deems fit to adjudicate for the higher purpose of assisting the US Attorney Generals for full investigations of the people not being allowed to restructure under the National Mortgage Settlement relief fund and prayer for WORLD PEACE requesting for full Government investigations as to why people are being denied their rights by the lending industry. The banks DO NOT want you to know what is disclosed within this filing now being referred to as The Faith Document. It shows how they used the Rigged Libor to investors within a securitization audit.


There are moments in time where we sometimes have to see the worst in life before we can start rising up again to create a better world. If you want this world to heal from these crimes then it is time to stand up for your rights as ONE NATION UNDER GOD and help stand with the US Department of Justice in their efforts to right these wrongs. A person is not defined by their circumstance, it is within their actions that define who they are and what they stand for. Yes the banking industry have done us wrong, but it is time it stops. This suit blows the whistle on the biggest overdue time out’s in history. You will see where this time “The Margin of error” is in “We the Peoples favor.


I am encouraging everyone who reads THE FAITH DOCUMENT write to Congress, their State Attorney Generals and your elected officials . Our Voices need to be heard. This document exposes the TRUTH of the Lending Industry IN DETAIL, how it happened, why it happend, and how it can be fixed,it is your last line of defense to fight back

That’s right, This is why I know so much about home save and why I am an advocate for Home Owners .

For any previous mortgage brokers who would like to join this, we are preparing a back up law suit by a highly reputable attorney firm licensed in good standing with the CA BAR and consisting of 4 different attorneys who are already in Tort llitigations with a multitude of different banks with my testimony.  

I believe America can handle the truth and it is high time the truth be revielled.  You want to know what happened and why,  read the Civil Suit being called “The Faith Document”  It is live and in process right now. When you are done, get angry and fight for your rights.

The pen is mightier that the sword. In this case, think of the keyboard as a paddle board… Use it well.


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  1. The Author of the book Defrauded Nations, did in fact sue several Federal Government agencies. She learn the equivalent of three years of law in 5 months. The book contains information that is based of this law suit, through the discovery period and through her volunteer efforts with criminal investigators at Federal levels. This book will send earthquakes down your spine.

    June 3, 2013 at 12:40 pm

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