USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

Fight Foreclosure! How to win a law suit against the bank.


For those of you who are losing you home, got scammed by loan modifications, ripped by investors who claim they will buy your home from the bank and sell it back, companies shut down by the FTC (Federal Trade Commissioner) .

ANY LOAN FROM 2001 – 2008

IF you have held a Neg AM, Arm, Refinanced to pull cash, Construction loan, or any loan based in FRAUD.  if you have had a wrongful foreclosure, a loan modification denied, if you have been thrown out of Chapter 13 or 11.  If you have a loan that originated from Counrtywide, or if you feel you have been wronged on your loan from unconscionable circumstances based in lies and deceit.   Then GUESS WHAT BetterQuest FOUND!!!

We have found the Law Firm who is taking on the banks by filing MASS TORTS through the FTC and is WINNING!

That’s right.  20 years in good standing A+++ rating with the BBB  and not one complaint from the people they have worked with.   THEY EXIST!!!

And they have actually won cases where the mortgage lien was removed, they have reduced the principal of the majority of their cases with full loan restructures.  Not modifications,  FULL RESTRUCTURES.  Often at below market interest rates.

Not only that, they have actually been able to win damages for many of their clients.  This is what they want.  If they win a damage on your behalf they will keep 30% – 35% as their fee so they can continue helping as many people as possible.   You keep the rest.

We are now able to refer you to them for a legal consultation BEFORE you retain them and the cost is $5000 one time fee with a $30 a month for file reviews and updates.  Foreclosure defense is free within the lawsuit.  These suits are taking 6-12 months and are being continually filed.

This about the same costs for a 13 Bankruptcy Attorney, however with these filings, consumers are often getting their credit restored for the mortgage lates.

We have been searching for this to offer to you for the last several years.

You asked for it, we got it and now we are getting it to you!


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