USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

Want a NO DOWN PAYMENT BAD CREDIT OK below market interest rate loan?

HAH!  Guess who just got hooked up with NACA.

If you have been worried about credit being an issue in applying for a home loan or perhaps no money to put down on a home, you may be interested to know that we can help place you in a no down payment with no fees home loan program that is not credit driven. In fact it takes very little funds to close and offers below market interest rates specifically geared for those of us who have not had ownership interest in a home within the last three year

Below is a link to the No down payment loan program. The rates are typically as much as 1% under current market rates.  This is VERY real, so stop doubting.  I am here to help you on your quest for home ownership. I am a home advocate, a Broker, a Realtor, and an approved volunteer for this program. 

Bank of America and CitiGroup support it’s funding and billions are available for it.  These programs are a direct result from the stabilization efforts you have been wondering were real or not.  So get ready to read about it from a true home advocate who has been on the front lines getting this program out there to people just like you. You are more than worthy.

Saving the DreamNACA – HOMEBUYERS PROGRAMTo register simple click on the Register here for the program   link or email with the following information


First Name:
Last Name:
Last 4 SSN Digit:
Street Number:
Street Name:
Apt. #:
Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:

This is not an email service list for spam, it is a legitimate program available to you that will require effort on your part, and you will have to work with a NACA trained Realtor to purchase a home when you have been approved for their loan.  

That is the part I can help you with when you are ready. It costs you absolutely nothing to enroll in a counseling workshop and no one who meets programs criteria can be denied as long as you follow the parameters outlined through the workshop.  The fixed 30 year rate at 3.375% (as of 9/7/2012).

It’s real, it’s waiting for you, and it’s time.

If you are in the Riverside, San Bernardino, or Orange County area in CA, I am looking forward to walking by your side during the entire process, from the workshop enrollment to handing you the keys to you home.  I can be personally reached at 951) 268-4042 for more information.  Don’t hesitate to call, I am a wealth of information.

Hey, it’s ok to dream again and it’s about frikken time!




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