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How Do You Do I demand to see your home! What to do if someone knocks on your door when you are in foreclosure status


First off, you have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to Quite Ownership.  That means that until your home actually forecloses, it belongs to you.   If someone comes knocking on your door, demanding to see your home, politely get their inforamtion, tell them that you will get back to them, then call the police.  If they are a real estate agent, report them to the local board of realtors, if you are a tenant call the owner with the information so that they can do the above.  Post a no solicitaiton sign.  Post a do not disturb tenant sign.

Bottom line, there is a minimum $5000 fine for violation of tenant rights.  You have the right to press charges against the offender if you are the owner and someone is demanding to “Preview” the property.  This is harrasment.  You can also fine a restraining order against the offender.   No one can “Demand” to view you home without permision of the owner PERIOD.   This action is illegal.

If your home is under a forclosure defense or modification, you should not ever need to deal with this.   If you have a trustee sale date, you will be approached by “investers” or people who want to “help you save your home” .  These people are out for themselves and they could care less about your rights.   These preditors are exactly that.  PREDITORS.  They will bleed you dry before allowing the foreclosure to happen.

There are legitimate companies that honestly help you, and there are just rude people who are out for a quick buck.  Any of my clients, please let me know if this is happening to you.   I will make sure these people get what they deserve.   I have ZERO tolerance for anyone who comes knocking on a distressed property issuing demands to view the home and I will help you file charges to anyone who tries this with you.


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