USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

Attention Federal Government – I want a hotline.


There is no Hot line for Realtors to report criminal activity directly to you.  I want that to change right now.  For as many PREDITORS out there looking to make a quick buck off distressed homeowners, there are a multitude of criminals that need to be reported that fall under Federal Jursitictions.

The investigators I know of are quick to judge a person and automatically assume that anyone reporting criminal activities are automatically criminals.    So I want a hotline, a webline anything set up and run by a NEUTRAL thrid party or non profit, specifically for REALTORS.     You want to catch the bad guys,  you have a whole network of support who want nothing to do with you because of your rash witch hunt tactics.   I am tired of not being protected against this type abuse not only from the criminals, but from the government so hell bent on chasing escape goats. 

You want to protect and serve, start protecting and serving those who are protecting and serving others.


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