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Getting set up for forecosure defense


A lot of you have been asking me for direct help to postpone foreclosures.  Between helping several of you postpone, relocating, writing my book, and doing home sales, I have been buried, so I do apologize.

I have had to step back to be able to delegate my workload so that I can focus on the bigger picture while still making sure that those of you who are in my care, are being taken care of.

So in the next week or so, I will be adding a non-attorney foreclosure defense sign up sheet with a paralegal group that does an affordable restructure service via loan audit defense.  It is the most affordable out there, and we are not trying to make a profit, these fees are to allow you to fight back with front line advocates in the field.  These services are for restructure of upside down bad industry loans that you may be eligible to cram down and have affordable payments, even if you have modified and are having issues now.

I am all about arming you with as much information before you get to this point, but too many of you now are in need of additional assistance.

You will be able to download the application 48 hours before a foreclosure sales date fill it out, fax or scan it back and it will be forwarded to a staff that will fight for you. Rush fees of an additional $200 may apply, and the regular fee is $850.  Best to give us at least a week for better results.

Remember this is a last defense. It is for when you are ready and back on your feet.



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