USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

How to stop an Impending Foreclosure


Ok Guys, if you literally have a sales date, that you can not get postponed in time with NACA, or through a  cooperative short sale program, if you do not qualify through HAFA  – Making homes affordable- via a short sale,  If you have filed a chapter 7,  and can not yet file a chapter 13, or what is called a chapter 20 conversion to restructure, then you can still stop a foreclosure.

Any decent short sale expert worth their expertise will have the contact information of a trustee rescue service. These companies will go out on the day of the action for around $800-$1000 and literally stop the foreclose that same day.

This is what they do each and every day, and the majority of the time they are successful.  The times when they are not, are when actually bid amounts have been placed on your home.

You can find this information out on the web site of the servicing foreclosure agency.  They post this information for all to see.   The bidders go after ones with bid prices more often than not, as these homes have gone through the boxing arena already and the homeowners are walking away.

Just because you are in a next day foreclosing situation, does not mean you cannot save your home.  Get on the phone with your local realtors.  They know who is doing short sale mediations and get the number of a local trustee recue servicer in your area.

Then go to my site  it has the information you are looking for to help you FIGHT BACK!   You have rights,  USE THEM.


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