USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

OMG I never realized how difficult it is to write a book. Structural editing, marketing proposals, coaches. How do you guys ever finish?


Writing is not my passion, however voicing my advocate self is.  This often involves writing lengthy explanations for my clients so that they can better understand things.

The book, I am now re-writing is taking me longer than it actually to to write it.  It is a holistic approach to life as a self-help, not only in personal financial situations, but introspective into self-awareness and how to undo destructive tendencies to get you to a better quality of life.  It is based of my personal experience’s fighting my husband’s cancer, fighting the US Government and fighting myself.  I am being told certain sections are too controversial and others are too spiritual.  It’s like a ping-pong game, only with criticism.

I have a whole new repect for authors.  The painstaking patience it takes to run through and turn out pages and pages of material simply blows me away.

I have never had a problem with being able to put words on paper.  Granted they are filled with grammatical errors at times, but that is why I married an avid reader.    Now I am finding that not only do I need to be more “Structured”  I need to do so in an interesting enough way to keep good word volume yet not run on and on. Yet still be highly marketable to a variety of different audiences.

This is truly an art I am humbled and awed by.    But if I am going to do this, I will do it right. Thank you all for your patience.


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