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I am in foreclosure now, what do I do?


I am in Foreclosure

I NEED HELP NOW! What can I do to stop it?



If your Trustee Sale is two weeks or less, Stop everything you are doing and go to Naca’s Home Save section on their website and log in as a new member.


They will issue you an ID number. Immediately return to the site and go to their Home Save Section under Sale/Auction.


Work with them until you know the sale has been postponed then return here. They are going to want information from you for your lender.


We are not affiliated with NACA in any way, But they are VERY good at requesting extensions on your behalf until you have enough time to get a game plan together.


When you are done, come back and visit our section on What are the steps in Foreclosure?and
I just need more time to get back on my feet what do I do?


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