USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

Useful Credit dispute form. Use a cover letter in your own words along with it.

Experian (formerly TRW)             Trans Union Corporation              Equifax Information Svcs

P.O. Box 9701                           P.O. Box 2000                           P.O. Box 740256

Allen, TX 75013                         Chester, PA 19022                      Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

(402) 473-0791fax                        (714)447-6032 fax                        (770)375-2580 fax

(800)397-3742                            (800)888-4213                            (800)685-1111




RE:  Request for outdated information to be deleted.


To whom it may concern,


According to my rights under the provisions of 15 USC section 1681I of the Fair Credit Act, I request that the out-dated entries noted below be removed from my credit profile And the FICO bureau scores be revised as it pertains to:





                        Mailing Address:


                        Current Address 

                        of Residence:                 



                        Social Security Number:  


                        Date of Birth:                 


                        Credit Report Date:         



I am disputing the following outdated entries.  I wish to have these removed / corrected:







I have reason to believe that the above referenced accounts are being reported in error. Please delete the above entries from my credit profile pursuant to policy with regard to misreported wrongful information and update all Bureau scoring systems to reflect this.


Please return a copy of my credit report showing the above-mentioned entries have been deleted and scoring revisions updated.  Any information deviating form this request shall be deemed as harmful/intentional mis-reporting of inaccurate information and will be pursued to the full extent of the law and subject to all pertinent fees as outlined in the Federal Fair Lending Act.


I will assume 30 days constitutes “reasonable time” for re verification of these entries unless you notify me otherwise.  It should be understood that failure to re-verify these items with-in 30 days constitutes reason to promptly drop the information from my file according to Section 1681I(a).  Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.






















Please remark the items you wish to dispute in a letter to these agencies.  Please write a personal letter stating that you are who you say you are and you wish this request be processed accordingly. Enclose a copy of your social security cards, Driver’s License and one utility statement.   Forward this request to the above listed agencies then wait for the response to return in the mail.  It is important that you forward me copies of what you receive so that I can mark your progress in the file.


On bankruptcies only send a copy of the Discharge and Schedule F plus any other pertaining schedules. 


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