USA – A $500 Trillion Dollar Racketeering Scheme

Who am I?


Who are any of us really?  I think that this picture sums me up quite nicely.  This is over 25 years of industry experience this picture depicts aspects of the industry that not everyone shares. 

First Lets start off with the green house.  I am a big fan of Leed industry Green Builds and True Sustainability.  I have created a build that I want to bring, but have been held dormant over the last few years from stepping out of the Real Estate Meltdown.  That plus helping my husband fight cancer that was deemed inoperable but is now in full remission.

Second the Ying Yang.  Now that I can see balance coming back into the market I am coming out of retirement.   Oh don’t worry Federal Agents,  I do not have any interest in “undermining” the lending industry,  I am not touching loans again ever and I am aligning myself with NACA and other agencies geared on stabilizing the economy.   I love the symbol as it means Hard and Soft flowing together in a continuous state of change.   Though the last several years have felt more like a typhoon than a flowing river, talk about clash of the Titans.

Third The Equal Housing Symbol and Logo.  I am all about equal housing, however I am also about keeping people in their homes.  I chose the house behind the symbol to stress the importance that a home should always be a place we can enter, not be shut out of.   I feel it is just as important to help people keep the homes during these tough times, as it is to make sure good families are allowed the opportunity to buy a home, in a market where discrimination still abounds.  I am not talking race,  I am talking culture age and self employment discrimination at unbelievable levels, and this must stop.

Fourth the Realtor symbol.   Only a Realtor can use this symbol and what this means is that we are held to a higher standard of Ethics.  It means that we do not see with anything other fair and neutral eyes, that we strive to be better for our clients, not only in negotiations but in everyday life.   It means we stand up for the rights of others, when their voice is not being heard.   I am also a Litigation Liaison for the National Association of Realtors, which means I will add my voice when the government tries to lower loan limits and tighten qualifications to homebuyers to stand with my fellow peers and say “NO” .   I am one of many on the front lines fighting for stabilization and the return of our home values.  I wear this with pride.

Last the butterflies.  This is a symbol of nature, and how we tend to ignore that it is there.  Building houses should not interfere with our environment.  One of the great concerns I have is growth management of our population.  I feel it is important to strive for sustainability, but in a way that does not affect our environment and manages growth in a way we have not yet thought of.   The ideas I have in my mind are pretty radical for this, and when the time is right, I will build these things.  Until then, the only thing I can do is deal with the aftermath of the financial markets and align myself with the best of people and the best of intents.   Too many of us were victims of circumstance, including myself.   Hearsay and accusations and pointing fingers around the table does not solve anything.    Judge a person by their actions, not the acts that happened. 

Web sites that I created and that still hold valuable information are a now dormant site, because I feel that banks were not helping people with modifications, they were helping themselves by adding in outlandish agreements in their “compromise” with the homebuyers, selling off the loan when there was enough history and the new bank foreclosing because it did not meet the original terms and agreement of the notes.     What you will find are ways to help you in extreme situations and what decisions you can still make with the right information.

An older yet still very useful site it  which includes links to NACA and HUD homes across the nation.   I am spread thin right now, but it’s time to regroup so that we can have stronger and better plans for our future.   Good things are coming.  Just have Faith.


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